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Welcome to the Tax Desk

Geek out and binge on IRS Code commentary, so you’ll have something to contribute to the conversation at the next party you go to when the conversation inevitably turns to the pros and cons of making a Section 754 Election to step-up the tax basis of assets in a partnership. We get it, what we do bores most people to tears, which is why you will find yourself standing alone in said party (and possibly asked to leave) if you so much as mention IRS Code Sections. Our aim in these blog posts is to provide you with a digestible amount of information so you can identify situations that can cost you ahead of time as well as identify ways to lower your tax liability. It is important to note that everybody’s situation is unique and there is always an exception to the exception to the exception when it comes to tax law. Thus, these posts should not be construed to be tax advice.

Recent Posts

  • Got stock options? Don’t wait until tax time to seek guidance

    Start-ups are to California as blades of grass are to a lawn. Chances are this analogy wasn’t on your SAT exam, but if it were, most people would probably answer correctly. When you live in California, you know someone who works (or worked) for a......

  • 6 Ways DIY Tax Return Software is Screwing Up Your Tax Return

    Everyone knows at least a hand full of people in their lives who are penny-wise but dollar foolish. These people (yes, I’m on my soap box) will do whatever they can to save a penny on the front end, regardless of the problems created on......

  • The Marriage Misconception

    Anyone who is, or has been, married knows that marriage is not a walk in the park. In fact, if you type "marriage is" in a Google search, you will find that Mr. G will suggest that marriage “isn’t for you,” “isn’t for me,” and is “hard.” Try it...

  • Renting Out Your Home?

    Real Estate is one of the oldest paths to wealth accumulation. Just ask Augustus Caesar. Unfortunately, you can’t just take people’s land (for the most part) these days. Mr. Caesar also didn’t have to deal with the IRS. Nonetheless, becoming a landlord c...

  • 2015 Annual Planning

    I too often meet with clients that want to achieve certain goals in their business but are frustrated because they are not reaching them. When I ask to see their current planning strategy, they don’t have one! ALERT DOCTORS: If you are not taking the time to...