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Dental & Health Care

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Together, we develop a customized action plan that is tailored to your practice. Blackslate will provide specialized, one-on-one, hands-on training to assist you and your team to create the dental practice you have always envisioned, through implementation of proven systems and processes. With our continual follow up and on-going support, we will ensure your business systems are being applied correctly, your results are being achieved and most importantly, you are measuring your success along the way.

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With over 30 years of dental experience and guidance, we have a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies at our fingertips that we would love to share with you. Our team promises to not only help you generate the income you deserve, but also to empower you with the all-encompassing tool for success. By focusing on your distinct core competencies, we work with your team to articulate your value, market your message, and deliver a standard of care and comfort to patients that will ensure long-term success.

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 We’ll help you perfect the following

Team Roles, Responsibility, & Cohesiveness

New Patient Experience & Retention

Operating Systems

Appointment Control

Treatment Presentation Skills

Human Resources Advising

Strategic Long Term Business Planning

Practice Acquisition Evaluation

Billing & Collection Processes

Blackslate Private Client Accountant Financial Analysis

Social Media & Marketing Effectiveness

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Our process is unlike any other in dentistry because the innovative concepts and proven techniques are structured for you and the growth of your practice. To thoroughly assess and effectively engineer a strategic practice plan, we isolate and delve into manageable components, including:

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Hygiene Profitability

One of your most important systems in your office is your Hygiene Program. Have you checked into your Hygiene Program recently to see if they are a Producer or a Loss Leader for you? Is your Hygienist’s salary no more than 33% of their production?

Your Hygiene Department can potentially be a large profit center, but is too often put on the bottom of the priority list. Do you have someone in your office that is delegated to be responsible for your Hygiene Program, and accountable for its success? When given the proper tools and time, a good Hygiene Coordinator can efficiently make your Hygiene Program a success.

New Patient Experience
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An essential part of growing your practice is to increase production through new patients, which is why your new patient experience protocol is a key aspect to continually assess. Through effective new patient planning you will review, modify and communicate your new patient goals, implement a complementary and effective marketing strategy, strategically set your employee roles and expectations, and execute an analytical method of tracking.

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Many practices are stuck with the idea that selling dentistry is a one-sided sales pitch of dental information that either the staff member or patient doesn’t want to be a part of.

If you are diagnosing, presenting, and educating your patients with ethics and integrity, you do not have to approach clients with the intent of “selling” them something; rather, your focus will be to gain rapport and understand objectives with a more interactive process that gets your patients involved and guides them towards discovering for themselves, what is in their best interest.

Would you like to not only accelerate your sales by building up momentum behind each of your services and products, but also learn how to identify your weak spots that negatively affect your treatment acceptance? Utilizing proper sales techniques will enable you to uncover what your distractions are and the most efficient ways to address them.

One of the most effective ways to get your office to be more profitable is to increase collections by increasing the percent of cases accepted.

3 Key Elements That Must Be Secured In Case Presentations:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Effective Listening Skills
  3. Tools To Address Issues

With so many variables affecting the success of your practice in both the macro and micro environment, it is crucial to control the factors that you can directly influence-the most important thing you can do to ensure you create and deliver the exceptional value of your treatment to patients is through your team’s case presentation.