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We know how crucial tax planning is to the prosperity of any entity or individual. Our experts pride themselves on an in-depth knowledge of the most current tax laws to create a strategy that is aligned with your personal and business goals. While paying taxes is an inevitable part of life for any individual or organization, we are here to take the headache make it less of a financial burden.


It’s your time and your money – and you should get to make the most of it.

We are dedicated to understanding and then meeting your complete financial needs. This approach means we are continuously being proactive in our solutions by putting you in a position to make the best long-term decisions, beyond just the ones that make the most sense at tax time.

Also, you can feel confident that you are receiving the best return possible, because our tax experts stay engaged to changes in the tax environment that may result in opportunities for you and your financial position.

Business Tax

The face of business is changing, and so should the way CPA’s approach your business’s finances. We believe in taking an innovative approach to your business taxes.

Blackslate’s tax experts know how to mitigate your entity’s tax burden by aligning your business goals with intelligent tax structure designed specifically to your business’s past, present and future trajectory.

But Why Stop There?

We believe that standard tax and financial services should go a step further to provide you with applicable and understandable insight that is beyond the numbers. By truly understanding you and your business’s financial personality, we are revolutionizing the way a CPA firm can impact your business not only to manage finances and taxes, but also to determine profitable new product lines, help diversify investments, and provide a variety of other consulting and business services.