Your go-to business consultants for improving any aspect of your organization.

Many of us at Blackslate have worked at larger national accounting firms once upon a time. At these firms, we were told to only focus on the books and leave consulting on other matters to the people who carry the proper job titles. But, as former executives, salespeople, and operators, we knew we were all capable of all roles. Thus, Blackslate was formed.

The team at Blackslate is passionate about business and we want your business to be successful. Whether it’s business development, customer service, marketing, or distribution, we will help you identify obstacles and develop a plan that’ll maximize revenue and profit. We also take pride in the solid network of like-minded service providers that we’ve built along the road. If we don’t have the in-house expertise to assist you, we have our vetted, trusted advisors on speed dial to jump on the problem. We’re here to work for you in all areas of your organization.

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